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Living and Working at the IEG

The Institute has 21 rooms which serve as living and working accommodation for our young academics and are fully furnished for the purpose. Each room has hot and cold water, a telephone and internet access. Bed clothes and towels are also supplied. The residence section of the Institute contains baths and showers, two fully equipped kitchens, as well as washing machines and tumble dryers.

Fellowship holders and fellows of the IEG currently pay a monthly rent of € 175 for the use of a residence/work room. This includes heating, electricity, water, cleaning, bed clothes, towels and telephone charges. The rooms have the size of approx. 10 sq. m to 20 sq. m.

There is LAN and WLAN access in the institute.


IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, the living accommodation in the Institute building is not suitable for families with children. Scholarship holders and fellows who wish to bring their families with them to Mainz, must find an apartment in the Mainz area themselves. The IEG cannot source an apartment in such cases. However, the contact person for scholarships and fellowships will gladly provide tips on finding accommodation.