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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The IEG awards Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to young academics from Germany and abroad who have completed their doctoral dissertations and are pursuing a new research project. The IEG offers them the opportunity to create the foundations for their continuing academic career as independent researchers. The academics in the IEG research areas are keen to interact with Postdoctoral Research Fellows.

Applicants should have been awarded their doctorate no more than three years before the beginning of the proposed fellowship (non-academic activities are not relevant to the application). The final examination or defence of the dissertation must have been successfully completed by the application deadline. It is not possible to avail of funding for the final phase of doctoral research AND continuing into a subsequent postdoctoral project.

Please note: Decisions on the awarding of postdoctoral fellowships usually occur once annually.


Application for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Attachments in the following order:

  1. Completed application form
  2. curriculum vitae; list of publications (if available)
  3. brief description of the proposed project with a detailed working plan and schedule for the in-tended stay at the Institute (5 pages/ 15,000 characters excluding spaces)
  4. digital copy of dissertation
  5. copies of university transcript and proofs of language competence
Please use the IEG application form which can be found under Downloads on the right.
The primary academic advisor emails an up-to-date reference directly to the IEG by the application deadline to: fellowship@ieg-mainz.de 

The reference should discuss (please avoid a general letter of recommendation):
- the applicant’s academic qualifications
- topic, goal and current state of the proposed research project
- a synopsis of work to be done in Mainz along with possible time and work schedules

Specialist evaluations should contain information on the question, method, results and representation of your research project, and they should also give an evaluation with regard to the current state of research on the topic.

Applications should be submitted by email to:application@ieg-mainz.de

Leibniz Institute of European History
The Directors
Prof. Irene Dingel and Prof. Johannes Paulmann
Re: Fellowship Application

Please note that applications that arrive late or are incomplete will not be considered.


Value of Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

1. Fellowship rates (from 01/01/2015)
The research fellowships of the IEG are jointly funded by the federal and state governments. The fellowships are exclusively for the purpose of pursuing the research project detailed in the application at the IEG. Fellows are therefore not permitted to pursue or avail of any other form of employment or funding for the duration of the fellowship.

IEG postdoctoral fellowships have a monthly value of € 1,800.

2. Family allowance

Where the spouse of a fellow resides in Germany and is not in receipt of income in excess of € 450 per month, the fellow may receive an additional family allowance if this is applied for during the fellowship application and granted.

Please direct your questions to the following address: fellowship@ieg-mainz.de

In case of doubt the German version is valid.