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Dr. Alexandra Schäfer-Griebel

Member of the academic staff, project "Religious peace treaties" (parental leave)


Personal Details:

Studied Medieval and Modern History, Art History and Comparative Literature in Mainz and Glasgow, during which she received funding from the German National Academic Foundation, graduating with an MA in 2009.
2011-2013: funded by the Gutenberg Academy, Johannes Gutenberg University; 2011-2012: Christine de Pizan Programme, Johannes Gutenberg University; since 2011: French-German doctoral college Dijon and Mainz; 2012: scholarship at the German Historical Institute, Paris; 2012-2014: doctoral scholarship from the Stipendienstiftung Rheinland-Pfalz.
2009-2010: graduate assistant in the "Mittelrheintal" project at Johannes Gutenberg University; since 2010: assistant lecturer for Early Modern History at Johannes Gutenberg University; 2010–2012: graduate assistant at the Leibniz Institute of European History in the project recensio.net; since 2014: member of the academic staff at the Leibniz Institute of European History.

Research interests

Religious wars in early modern Europe
Representation of violence
Mass media in the early modern period

Selected publications

Acquisition and Handling of News on the French Wars of Religion in Cologne. The Case of Hermann Weinsberg, with Particular Focus on the Engravings by Franz Hogenberg, in: Raymond, Joad (ed.): European News Networks (going to be published 2016).
Les guerres de religion en France dans les gravures de Hogenberg, in: Schilling, Lothar/Haug-Moritz, Gabriele [Hrsg.]: Médialité et interprétation contemporaine des premières guerres de Religion, Berlin 2014 (Ateliers des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Paris, 10), S. 98-120.
How to visualise an event that is not representable? The topos of massacre in François Dubois' St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, in: Aali, Heta / Perämäki, Anna-Leena / Sarti, Cathleen (ed.): Memory Boxes. An experimental approach to cultural transfer in history, 1500-2000, Bielefeld 2014 (Mainz Historical Cultural Sciences, 22), p. 27-54.
Die Französischen Religionskriege als Medienereignisse: Vermittlung und Rezeption am Beispiel Gabriel Harveys, in: Europäische Geschichte Online, 2014-04-04; URL: www.ieg-ego.eu/schaefera-2014-de; URN: urn:nbn:de:0159-2014033118
Auf den Spuren der Französischen Religionskriege: Der Topos einer katholischen Verschwörung in reformierter Propaganda als autoreferentieller Denkrahmen, in: Frings, Andreas / Linsemann, Andreas / Weber, Sascha (ed.): Vergangenheiten auf der Spur. Indexikalische Semiotik in den historischen Kulturwissenschaften, Bielefeld 2012 (Mainzer Historische Kulturwissenschaften, 10), p. 213-246.

Current research projects:

Religious Perseveration of Peace and Peace-making in Europe (1500–1800) – Digital Edition of Early Modern religious Peace Treaties

The edition provides for the first time the textual basis for comparative research on Early Modern religious peace-making in Europe. It includes detailed introductions and commentaries and covers the period from 1485 (Peace of Kuttenberg) to 1788 (so-called Woellner Edict of Religion).