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Péter Techet LL.M., M.A.

Member of the academic staff, project "Battles over Belief"
Room: 03-02, Diether-von-Isenburg-Str. 9-11, 55116 Mainz (Besucheranschrift)
Phone: +49 6131 39 39490
Fax: +49 6131 39 35326


Personal Details:

Born in 1984 in Budapest (Hungary); 2003-2009: studied Law and Political Science in Budapest; 2010-2011: studied German Law in Munich, with a specialization in German Legal History and Philosophy of Law (LL.M); 2011-2014: East-West Studies in Regensburg, with a specialization in South-Eastern European History and Politics (MA); 2012: Certificate in Journalism and Public Relations in Vaduz (Liechtenstein); since 2008: freelance journalist for Hungarian, Czech, German and Austrian newspapers; 2012/2014: research assistant at the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg; since May 2014: doctoral researcher in the Emmy Noether Research Group "Battles over Belief: Religion and Violence in Catholic Europe, 1848-1914".

Research interests

Modern Croatian history
Political Catholicism in south-eastern Europe
Anti-Semitism in Croatia and Hungary
Austro-Hungarian monarchy and history of the Habsburg Empire
Social and political history of Trieste and Fiume/Rijeka


Techet, Peter: Imperiale Loyalität unter den italienischsprachigen Katholiken in Triest der späten Habsburgermonarchie, in: Osterkamp, Jana (Hg.): Kooperatives Imperium. Politische Zusammenarbeit in der späten Habsburgermonarchie (Bad Wiesseer Tagungen des Collegium Carolinum - Band 39), Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2018, S. 297-314.
Carl Schmitt. Egy szellemi kalandor. [Carl Schmitt. An Intellectual Adventurer], Gödöllő/Máriabesnyő, 2013 [Book written in Hungarian].

Current research projects:

Battles over Belief: Religion and Violence in Catholic Europe (1848–1914)

The Emmy Noether research group undertakes the first systematic analysis of the use of protest and violence in conflicts pertaining to religious culture and Church power in late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century Europe.

National motivated Inner-Catholic conflicts and Anticlericalism in the Austro-Hungarian Littoral (Trieste, Istria, Fiume/Rijeka), 1890-1914

The project of Péter Techet analyses the impact that ethno-national conflicts had on the local Catholic church and religious life in Trieste and Fiume/Rijeka. It investigates what role the Slavophil policies of Pope Leo XIII played in this context and how conflicts in the Austrian and Hungarian parts of the coastline unfolded differently.