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Doctoral Research Fellowships

The deadline of the next call for applications for »Research Fellowships for international PhD-Students« in Mainz beginning in September 2018 or later is February 15 2018. 

These are open to doctoral researchers from Germany and abroad who have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically. They must have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of taking up the scholarship, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. It is not permitted to apply for a scholarship for the same dissertation topic in subsequent years. As a research institution that is not part of a university, the Institute does not hold any examinations and does not award any academic qualifications. Dissertations are completed under the supervision of the scholarship holder’s supervisor at her/his home university.

Value of Doctoral Research Fellowships

1. Fellowship rates (from 01/01/2012)

The research scholarships of the IEG are jointly funded by the federal and state governments. The research scholarships are exclusively for the purpose of conducting the research project described in the application at the IEG. Thus, no other form of employment or funding can be pursued or availed of during the duration of the scholarship.

IEG doctoral scholarships have a monthly value of € 1,200.

2. Family allowance

Where the spouse of a scholarship holder resides in Germany and is not in receipt of income in excess of € 450 per month, the scholarship holder may receive an additional family allowance if this is applied for during the scholarship application and granted.

Please direct your questions to the following address: ieg3@ieg-mainz.de