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Between Amsterdam and Warsaw: The Jewish Mercantile Elite in Central and East Central Europe (1750-1830)

This book project is concerned with the economic and familial connections of Jewish merchants in central and east central Europe.
My book seeks to trace and explain the life paths of members of the Jewish mercantile elite in central and eastern Europe from the second half of the eighteenth to the first decades of the nineteenth century in the context of general political and economic developments. It explores their economic activities in commerce and banking and their trans-regional commercial connections. At the same time, it examines how these Jewish merchants, bankers, and entrepreneurs fit into the general economic system of their time, and how they adapted to changing political and economic conditions based on fresh evidence drawn from a wide range of archives. It demonstrates that Jewish merchants played a central role in the distribution of goods and credit even though most of them did not belong to the highest echelons of the financial sector.