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19.11.2020 18:00 Uhr

»Köpfe der Abendländischen Religionsgeschichte« – Evening event
<img class="titleImage"src="/media/public/bilder/IEG_Save-the-date_19-11-2020.jpg"margin-bottom: 20px;"/> Erbacher Hof, Grebenstr. 24–26, 55116 Mainz

The IEG invites you to the evening event »Köpfe der Abendländischen Religionsgeschichte«. The public event, which includes jazz music and a reception, is organised in cooperation with the Erbacher Hof | Bildungsakademie des Bistums Mainz.

In short presentations, you will learn more about the three great directors of the department »Abendländische Religionsgeschichte« at the IEG: Joseph Lortz, Peter Meinhold and Peter Manns. All three of them influenced the way in which Church and Religious History were approached in research after WWII. 2020 being the year of the IEG's 70th anniversary, it is time for us to look back and commemorate their work.

Ketteler Saal, Erbacher Hof Mainz
Free Entrance.

The event is held in German.