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02.12.2020 19:00 Uhr

Science-Schoppe Autumn/Winter-Edition: "Vorwurf 'Lügenpresse' – Woher das Medienmisstrauen kommt und wie Journalist*innen damit umgehen?"
The IEG, member of the MAINZER WISSENSCHAFTSALLIANZ, invites you to the "Science-Schoppe Autumn/Winter-Edition" in digital format. The series will conclude in the form of the Schoppe with Dr. Michael Sülflow, Institute for Journalism, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. In recent years, the accusation of "lying press" has become an increasingly loud knockout argument in the public debate. Where does the distrust of the media come from and how do journalists deal with it? © Steve Buissinne Finished work and still thirsty for knowledge? For this case the MAINZER WISSENSCHAFTSALLIANZ in cooperation with the state capital Mainz has been offering the Meenzer Science-Schoppe for several years. Originally located in wine taverns and bars, the format for its autumn-winter edition is now going online. In terms of content, however, everything remains the same: Speakers from various disciplines share their knowledge and research with interested audiences. This time, via their home computer, tablet or smartphone. And after the lecture there is of course, as always, the opportunity to chat and discuss with the scientists, this time via the chat. The individual lectures are held under the motto of the theme year 2020 "Man and Truth". Registration information: The events will take place in the format of a web conference with BigBlueButton and will start on the dates mentioned at 7 pm. If you register at science@wissenschaftsallianz-mainz.de, a link to the web conference room will be sent to you in time, along with instructions on how to proceed. Participation will be without cameras and microphones. Further dates: Wednesday, October 28, 7 pm: Tracking the Truth. Wahrheit und Fälschung in der Wissenschaft [Truth and Forgery in Science] with Tina Rotzal M.A. and Dominik Schuh, Project Academic Integrity, University Library, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Wednesday, November 11, 7 pm: Wirklichkeit und System [Reality and System] with Prof. Dr. Nils Köbel, FB Soziale Arbeit und Sozialwissenschaft, Katholische Hochschule Mainz