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10.02.2022 18:00 Uhr

Discussion: "Let's talk about Europe!" - Religion in the classroom? European trajectories in school education
In the joint event series "Reden wir über Europa [Let's talk about Europe]", experts will discuss the ongoing controversial question of whether and in which form religion should be taught in schools: Should there generally be classes devided into confessions, or should there be classes covering more than one confession or religion? Furthermore, historical aspects since the founding of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate are examined, such as the vote on confessional schools and the "school dispute" of 1947-1953 involving conflicts between the Catholic Church, political parties and the laicist French Occupation Powers. The French concept of 'laïcité' still bears some potential for conflict today: It is both instrumentalised by extreme groups and, as in the case of the murdered teacher Samuel Paty, challenged by religious fanatics. Irene Dingel, Director of the IEG, will host the discussion.