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07.10.2021 - 09.10.2021

Konfession, Recht, Politik - II. Tagung zur Konfessionskultur des Reformiertentums - Denomination, Law, Politics - II. Conference on the denominational culture of Reformedism
Conference location: Johannes a Lasco Library, Kirchstraße 22, D-26721 Emden, and online In cooperation with the Johannes a Lasco Library, Emden The early modern relationship between politics, law, and the Christian religion in general and its denomination-specific characteristics in particular is the starting point for the conference. It is embedded in the cooperation project "Konfessionskultur des Reformiertentums im Nord- und Ostseeraum" (Denominational Culture of the Reformed Movement in the North and Baltic Sea region) between Johannes a Lasco Library and Leibniz Institute for European History Mainz. You can find the live stream at www.jalb.de. The focus of the project is the question of whether, given the plurality of early modern Reformedism, a specific profile of Reformed denominational culture can be determined. This overarching concern is pursued along central areas of interaction where possible denominational influences are expected. The declared aim of the conference is therefore to shed light on the interdependencies between politics, law, and denomination in the early modern period and to ask about denomination-specific influences. For this purpose, three subject areas are examined in more detail: First, the investigation of denominational specifics in the context of determining the relationship between politics and law as well as denominational religion is the focus, before interdenominational dynamics are comparatively analyzed, which brought actors and institutions of different denominational characteristics into exchange. Thirdly, it is about the political and legal containment of denominational competition, whereby it is examined which mechanisms and argumentation figures are used by legal regulations in view of denominational competition. After the welcome by PD Dr. Kęstutis Daugirdas (Emden), former IEG employee, and PD Dr. Christian Witt, employee of the IEG Mainz, will be Prof. Dr. Irene Dingel, Director of the IEG Mainz, will give the opening lecture: »Shaping through denominationalism? Interactions at the interfaces of creed, law and politics in selected perspectives «. The other contributions can be found in the program.