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Article by Fabian Klose about Belfast published in "Ortstermine"
Fabian Klose’s article about Belfast deals with the confessional tensions between the Catholic and Protestant parts of the population, which still influences the city today. The historical roots of the Northern Ireland conflict, that lasted almost thirty years, reach back to the confessional struggles of the seventeenth century between Catholics and Protestants in Europe. The peace progress which began 1998 with the “Good Friday Agreement” has not healed the deep divisions within the Northern Irish Society. This division is reinforced by the spatial segregation of society, caused by the “peace lines”. These barriers in the city were not dismantled after the agreement was reached.

PD Dr. Fabian Klose is a member of the academic staff in the department of History. His researches include the history of human rights, humanitarianism and international humanitarian law.