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Launch of the research project RETOPEA (HORIZON 2020)
The European joint project "Religious Toleration and Peace" (RETOPEA) has officially started. The Leibniz Institute of European History and two schools in Mainz, the Rabanus Maurus Gymnasium and the Mainz-Oberstadt Gymnasium, are also participating as cooperation partners. The project, in which 30 researchers from different European countries are involved, investigates the different ways in which religious coexistence is thought of in different environments and how religious peace treaties have been established in the past. The idea is to use the insights gained to inform thinking about present-day peaceful religious co-existence. To gain more insight into the religious landscape today we will analyse various discourses in which religion is discussed: from school manuals and museums to TV series, YouTube and political speeches. We will also look at initiatives that try to bridge religious differences in practice. As part of the project, pupils will produce short online videos on the topic of religious coexistence. At the end of the project there will also be a training programme for teachers.

The project brings together an extensive interdisciplinary consortium of academic and non-academic partners including, besides KU Leuven as lead institution, Open University (Milton Keynes), the universities of Helsinki, Tartu, Warsaw, SS. Cyril & Methodius (Skopje), and Granada.
The IEG will be responsible for the data management of the entire project under the direction of Dr. Henning P. Jürgens.

We are looking forward to this exciting project and the cooperation with our international partners.