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Article by Carsten Brall about „Antwerp“ published in „Ortstermine“
Carsten Bralls article deals with confessional pluralism and political tensions in the Antwerp of the 16th Century. Because of its geographical location, the economic prosperity and the restraint politics in religious matters, Antwerp became a melting pot of different religions – Lutheran hawkers and Calvinists, among others the devotees of the “Confessio Augustana”, whose traces can still be found today in various cities in Germany. Especially in the so-called “Wunderjahr” 1566/67 confessional pluralism as well as conflicts with the spanish roman catholic authorities became apparent. With the fall of Antwerp in 1585 the golden century of the city ended.

Carsten Brall was a member of academic staff at the IEG from 2009-2012. His researches focused on the relationship between migration and the development of confessionalism.