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Review on »Glaubenskämpfe« by Eveline Bouwers
A review on »Glaubenskämpfe. Katholiken und Gewalt im 19. Jahrhundert « by our colleague Eveline Bouwers was published in the online journal ›Sehepunkte‹. According to the reviewer Joachim Schmiedel, the book is a good example for a fruitful transnational historiography as well as for the connection of local, regional and religious studies in history.

»[E]in gutes Beispiel für die Fruchtbarkeit transnationaler Historiographie sowie für die Verbindung von Lokal-, Regional- und Religionsgeschichte«.

Since 2013, Eveline Bouwers has been a member of the academic staff at the IEG and, starting that same year, has been in charge of the Emmy Noether Research Group »Battles over Belief: Religion and Violence in Catholic Europe, 1848-1914«.

»Glaubenskämpfe« is available in open access.