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Review on »Humanitarianism & media: 1900 to the present«. edited by Johannes Paulmann

Communications | De Gruyter published a review in English on »Humanitarianism & media: 1900 to the present«, edited by IEG director Johannes Paulmann.

In his review, David Ongenaert writes: »Johannes Paulmann investigates in the interdisciplinary volume Humanitarianism & media: 1900 to the present if and how humanitarian imagery can be situated within the broader, intertwined history of humanitarianism and media, and this from a text, production and institutional perspective.«
His conclusion: »The book demonstrates to be a highly relevant and wide-ranging contribution to the literature and debate on this theme.«

»Humanitarianism & media: 1900 to the present« was published in December 2018 at berghahn publishers.

Johannes Paulmann is the director of the department Universal history at the Leibniz Institute of European History.

You can read the complete review online and find more information on the publisher’s website.