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Review of "Globale Vorherrschaft und Fortschrittsglaube" by Johannes Paulmann published on Sehepunkte
A German review of the book "Globale Vorherrschaft und Fortschrittsglaube. Europa 1850–1914" by IEG director Johannes Paulmann has been published on Sehepunkte.

The reviewer Thomas Stamm-Kuhlmann gives a detailed overview of the book's main points and structure (German citation following): "Anstelle einer Aneinanderreihung von Nationalgeschichten gliedert Paulmann sein Werk ausschließlich nach Sachgebieten. Dabei gelingt es ihm, stellenweise zu einer gesamteuropäischen Synthese in der Darstellung vorzudringen."
According to Stamm-Kuhlmann, this book is perhaps only understood in its full scope by experts, who, moreover could find indications in the various national histories as to how national developments are presented in a Europe-wide comparison.

"Globale Vorherrschaft und Fortschrittsglaube. Europa 1850 – 1914" was published in 2019 by C.H. Beck. In this book, Johannes Paulmann shows how much the life of Europeans changed between 1850 and 1914. In this epoch material and spiritual foundations were laid which are still relevant today. At the same time, Europe experienced the peak of its imperial expansion of power - never again did the continent reach a level of global dominance comparable to that of the years before 1914. The publication has also been reviewed by Michael Goebel on HSozKult.

Johannes Paulmann is Director of the Department "Universalgeschichte" at the IEG.

The complete review as well as more information on the book can be found in the attached links.

Thomas Stamm-Kuhlmann: Rezension von: Johannes Paulmann: Globale Vorherrschaft und Fortschrittsglaube. Europa 1850-1914, München: C.H.Beck 2019, in: sehepunkte 20 (2020), Nr. 11 [15.11.2020], URL: http://www.sehepunkte.de/2020/11/33547.html [Access: 12/04/2010]