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Noëmie Duhaut in Podcast "90 Second Narratives"
Noëmie Duhaut, member of the academic staff at the IEG, gives a brief introduction of her research project on the the French Jewish lawyer and statesman Adolphe Crémieux (1796–1880) in the Podcast "90 Second Narratives":
"Adolphe Crémieux was the first Jewish minister in France and, in fact, in Europe. […]"

Noëmie Duhaut member of the academic staff at the IEG in the department "Universalgeschichte". Her current research project is called "A European French patriot? Adolphe Crémieux as a defender of minority rights across imperial lines".

90 Second Narratives is a weekly podcast featuring engaging true stories told by trained historians. Each episode includes a short story interwoven with expert analysis of the story’s historical significance