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Conference Report "Einheit und Vielheit – Europa pluralisieren?" now available on HSozKult
The conference report of the digital conference "Einheit und Vielheit – Europa pluralisieren?" from 02.11.2020 - 03.11.2020 is now available on HSozKult.

The conference "Einheit und Vielheit" is the first part of the IEG conference series "Ein Europa der Differenzen – Pluralisierung, Provinzialisierung und Säkularisierung" from November 2020 to March 2022. During the series, the IEG wants to discuss with international experts the results of its research program "Umgang mit Differenz im Europa der Neuzeit", which has been running since 2012, and to point out new research perspectives.

The first part of the conference series was dedicated to the problem of "Einheit und Vielheit [Unity and Plurality]", a core question of the European way of dealing with difference. As indicated by the subtitle "Europa pluralisieren? [Pluralizing Europe?]", this should be understood both as a research perspective and as a historical object.
The conference report was written by Joachim Berger.