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Corinna Ehlers receives J.F. Gerhard Goeters Prize 2021
Corinna Ehlers, associated researcher at the IEG, is awarded the J.F. Gerhard Goeters Prize 2021 of the Society for the History of Reformed Protestantism for her dissertation "Konfessionsbildung im Zweiten Abendmahlsstreit (1552–1558/59)".
The jury praises a study that is convincing in terms of content and methodologically reflective, that excels with well-founded source work and opens up new perspectives.

Corinna Ehlers is able to show that the formation of confessions in the 1550s was by no means complete. She traces the positions and group formations within the European Reformation movement and depicts the disputes. She thus proposes corrections with regard to details, a reassessment of the Second Supper controversy as a whole as well as of early modern confessional formation in academic discourse.

The digital award ceremony will take place on 12 March 2021, following the general meeting of the Society for the History of Reformed Protestantism.

Corinna Ehlers was a fellow from 2017-2018 and a member of the academic staff at the IEG since 2018, in 2020 an associate researcher in the project "European Religious Peace Digital". Her award-winning dissertation "Konfessionsbildung im Zweiten Abendmahlsstreit (1552-1558/59)" was published by Mohr Siebeck in the renowned series "Spätmittelalter, Humanismus, Reformation".