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"Die europäische Debatte über den Religionskrieg (1679–1714)" by Christian Mühling in French translation
Affiliated scholar Christian Mühling’s award-winning dissertation „Die europäische Debatte über den Religionskrieg (1679–1714), Konfessionelle Memoria und internationale Politik im Zeitalter Ludwigs XIV“ is now out in French translation with the title “Le débat européen sur la guerre de religion (1679–1714). Mémoire confessionnelle et politique internationale au siècle de Louis XIV” from Honoré Champion, Paris. The German version was published 2018 in the IEG VIEG series from Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

The idea of the religious war first gained importance only in contemporary, political debates. France and the wars of Louis XIV occupied a key position in the religious war debate, which seemed unthinkable without the person and politics of the French king. The book explores the emergence of a discourse, a historical narrative and an epochal classification of the phenomenon, by focusing on the three central confessional centres of conflict that are crucial to the debate on the war of religion: France, England and the Holy Roman Empire. With Louis XIV's last two great wars, the debate finally took on a pan-European dimension.

Christian Mühling was a fellow at the IEG in 2015 and is now affiliated scholar. For his dissertation, he was awarded the J.F.-Gerhard-Goeters-Preis, the Deutsch-Französischen Dissertationspreis and the Caspar Olevian Preis 2018.