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Dr. Jaap Geraerts

Member of the academic staff, Digital Historical Research
Room: 03-06, Diether-von-Isenburg-Str. 9-11, 55116 Mainz (Besucheranschrift)
Phone: +49 6131 39 26978
Fax: +49 6131 39 35326


Personal Details:

Since February 2019: postdoctoral researcher at IEG Mainz (Digital Humanities Lab/Digital Historical Research)
2015-9: Research associate, Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (UCL)
2013-4: Research assistant, Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (UCL)
2010-5: PhD in History, University College London (UCL)
2008-10: Research MA in History, Utrecht University
2005-8: BA in History, Utrecht University
2000-4: BA in Business Informatics (Hogeschool van Utrecht)

Research interests:

Confessional coexistence in early modern Europe
Early modern Catholicism
Early modern nobility
History of reading


Patrons of the Old Faith. The Catholic Nobility in Utrecht and Guelders, c.1580–1702, Leiden 2018. Publication Website
The archaeology of reading in early modern Europe, 2019. Digital Project
Contested rights: clerical and lay authority in the Holland Mission, in: Early Modern Low Countries, vol. 2/2, December 2018, S. 198–25. Open Access
Early Modern Catholicism and Its Historiography. Innovation, Revitalization, and Integration, in: Church History and Religious Culture, vol.97/3–4 (2017), S. 381–92.
Dutch Test Acts: Oaths, office holding, and the Catholic nobility in Utrecht, c. 1580–1700, in: Virtus. Journal of Nobility Studies, vol. 20 (2013), S. 61–83. Open Access

Research projects:

"Staatskatholieken en Roomskatholieken": The Catholic laity and the Schism in the Catholic Church in the Dutch Republic (1650–ca.1750)

This project focuses on processes of fragmentation and pluralisation within the Dutch Catholic community by examining the schism in the Catholic Church in the eighteenth-century Dutch Republic from the perspective of the Catholic laity. 

ReIReS - Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies

The IEG is one of the cooperation partners of the Horizon 2020 funded project "Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies" (ReIReS). ReIReS is a starting community whose aim is to create a unique and groundbreaking research infrastructure on religious studies within the European Research Area.