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PD Dr. Urszula Pękala

Member of the academic staff, project: catholic bishops

Time at IEG: 2011 - 2019

Research projects:

Between Theological Positions and National-Political Interests. Catholic Bishops as Actors in the German-French and German-Polish Reconciliation after World War II, 1945–1990

Using Catholic bishops as a case study, Urszula Pękala investigated the connections between religious and political factors in two bilateral reconciliation processes after the Second World War - the German-French and the German-Polish. Funded by the DFG.

Research Training Group: "The Christian Churches and the Challenge of 'Europe'"

The research training group examined reactions in the process of European unification, as well as the repercussions and activities that the process gave rise to in the area of the churches. The project also focused on the efforts of the churches to insert religious concepts of values into the political processes.