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Anna Katharina Pieper M.A.

Member of the academic staff, Department of History
Room: 03-08, Diether-von-Isenburg-Str. 9-11, 55116 Mainz (Besucheranschrift)
Phone: +49 6131 39 39476
Fax: +49 6131 39 35326


Personal Details:

B.A. in European Cultural History, English Literature, Social Sciences and Art History in Augsburg and Florence (2007-2011). M.A. in Cultural History and European Ethnology/Empirical Cultural Science in Jena (2011-2014). Research Fellow since October 2015. Editorial assistance for the »Online Atlas on the History of Humanitarianism and Human Rights« and the Global Humanitarianism Research Academy-Website. Christine De Pizan-Mentoring Programme, Johannes Gutenberg University (2017-2018). Scholarship holder at the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani in Venice from January to March 2019.

Research Interests:

Italian Colonial History
German Travel and travelogues of the 19th Century


Rapprochement in imperial context. Catholicism and colonial policy in liberal Italy (1878–1912)

Did the imperial context make a gradual rapprochement between liberalism and political Catholicism possible, several years before it could be achieved on a national level?
​By the end of the 19th century, the young Kingdom of Italy struggled both for a place among the long established colonial powers and for recognition on a national level. The Roman Question was still unresolved. Consequently, a strong Catholic milieu had emerged whose supporters advanced very diverse views on the newly founded state and its expansionism.