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Dr. Mirjam Thulin

Affiliated scholar


Personal Details:

2000-2006 Studies in History and Jewish Studies at the Free University of Berlin; 2007-2011 PhD student at the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture - Simon Dubnow (DI); 2011 PhD at the Historical Seminar of the University of Leipzig with the dissertation "Kaufmanns News Service. A Jewish Scholarly Network in the 19th Century." 2011-2012 Research Associate at the Martin Buber Chair for Jewish Philosophy of Religion and Thought, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. 2012-2017 Free-lance work at the Jewish Museum Frankfurt am Main. | 2012-2021 Member of the Academic Staff at the Leibniz-Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz, Departement for "Abendländische Religionsgeschichte". | Since winter term 2012/13 lecturer at the Martin Buber Chair for Jewish Philosophy of Religion and Thought, and the Department of History, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Winter term 2022-2023 Substitution of the Chair for Jewish Religious and Intellectual History (Prof. Jonathan Schorsch) at the School of Jewish Theology, University of Potsdam. Since 2023, independent scholar, based in New York, USA.

2012-2015 Affiliated postdoc of << http://www.theologie-als-wissenschaft.de | GRK 1728 "Theology as an Academic Discipline" |_ new >>, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main; 2018/2019 Gerald Westheimer Career Development Fellowship of the Leo Baeck Institute New York I Berlin; 2019-2020 Visiting Scholar at the Max Kade Center for European and German Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN; 2014-2015 and 2020-2021 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS)
Association for Jewish Studies (AJS)
European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS)
Association for Judaic Studies in Germany (VJD; Member of Executive Board)
Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Juden (GEGJ)
Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft des Leo-Baeck-Instituts (WAG)
Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands (VHD)
Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg (ZJS)

Research Interests:

History of Knowledge and Science
History and Culture of Jews in the Early Modern and Modern Period
History of the Jews in the USA
Transnational, Transfer, and Global History


Kaufmanns Nachrichtendienst. Ein jüdisches Gelehrtennetzwerk im 19. Jahrhundert, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht 2012.
(with Markus Krah) PaRDeS, issue 26 (2020): "Jewish Famlies and Kinship in the Early Modern and Modern Eras", To the article (peer-reviewed journal).
(with Björn Siegel) Jewish Culture and History, Special Issue 19 (2018): "Transformations and Intersections of Shtadlanut and Tzedakah in the Early Modern and Modern Period", To the article (peer-reviewed journal).
(with Fabian Klose) Humanity. A History of European Concepts in Practice from the 16th Century to the Present, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2016.
Jewish Networks, in: European History Online (EGO), published by the Institute of European History (IEG), Mainz 2010-12-03, To the article.

Research projects:

Economy, Kinship, and Jewish Politics: The History of the Wertheimer Family, ca. 1650–1900

The story of the Wertheimer family provides a fascinating insight into Jewish history, culture and economy and the associated networks from the late 17th to the end of the 19th century. Using the example of the Viennese court factor family, the project examines strategies and practices of shtadlanut (intercession), tzedakah (charity) and Jewish experience of difference in the context of modern Europe.