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Prof. Dr. Christian V. Witt

Time at IEG: 2017 – 2023

Research projects:

Differences as Wealth. A History of the "Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe" (CPCE)

The project fundamentally asks how and why, since the second half of the 20th century, inter- and intra-confessional differences could be interpreted as an expression of religious richness and constructively integrated into specific forms of church community building. To this end, it examines, against the background of 20th century European history, the emergence and development of the "Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe" (CPCE) as a specific organisational form of inner-Protestant diversity.

Reformed Confessional culture in North and Baltic Sea regions

In view of the plurality of early modern Reformedism, can a specific Reformed confessional culture be determined? The cooperative project is pursuing this central question along central fields of interaction in which possible confessional imprints are expected: Cultures of knowledge and economics will be considered as well as aesthetic and political-legal cultures.

The Politicization of the "Nation" through Religious Claims since the Late Middle Ages. On the Profiling of a Political Unity of Action in the Field of Tension of Ecclesiastical Order Competitions and Institutional Differentiations

What role have ecclesiastical competitions for order played since the late Middle Ages in the development of those political units of action which were later to be called "nationes" and which then called themselves such? What significance do theological discourses and religious claims to the concept of nation have for its politicisation and affirmative-self-descriptive establishment, and what interactions can be identified?