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Leibniz research association "The Value of the Past"

In interdisciplinary perspectives, we will examine how values ​​associated with the past are created and conveyed. Research is being conducted - in German, European and global dimensions - how historical evidence is shaped by language, mediality and digitality, how conceptions of space and time contour images of history and how the past is used as a resource for communalization processes and identity conflicts as well as in a growing history market.

IEG project contribution to the Leibniz Research Alliance "Value oft he Past"

Research Hub I: Regimes of Evidence
Lab 1.1 Language, Performance and Lifeworlds
  • Benedikt Brunner with the project "Frühe Zeit-Zeugen: Erinnerung und Evidenz in religiösen (Auto-)Biografien der Frühen Neuzeit"
Research Hub II: Spatiotemporal paradigms
Lab 2.1. Dynamic Spaces
  • Denise Klein and Thomas Weller with the project "Multiple Vergangenheiten und verflochtene Geschichten. Europäische Fremdbeschreibungen in Geschichtswerken der Frühen Neuzeit"
  • Bernhard Gißibl with the project "Ethnographische Beziehungsdinge: Völkerkundliche Sammlungen als Kristallisationspunkte kommunalen und (post)-kolonialen Weltbezugs"
Lab 2.3 Dissolutions of boundaries: Time-Space Perceptions in the Anthropocene
  • Bernhard Gißibl mit dem Projekt "Die Wildnisse des Anthropozäns: Zum Wandel raum-zeitlicher Referenzen im internationalen Naturschutz" (mit dem DM München)
Research Hub III: Past as a public resource
Lab 3.1 Litigious Value oft he Past:
  • Stanislau Paulau with the project "Valuing Pasts for Futures: Mobilizing Historical and Religious Narratives" (mit dem ZMO Berlin)