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IEG Alumni

IEG Alumni keeps everyone who has studied at the IEG connected beyond their stay in Mainz. Since the founding of the Institute, it has welcomed over 1400 visiting scholars, many of whom lived together in the Domus Universitatis. This site was created in order to keep alumni in touch with each other and the Institute, enabling academic and personal exchange well into the future.

»To my mind, after spending a lengthy period within IEG many alumni would like to be connected with the institution. While newsletters or announcements are the great way to get the information about the institution, it would be a good idea to connect alumni by means of one of the social networks, which would permit us to follow and to send the feedback to the IEG events, spreading the word about the institution and remaining a true member of the IEG community.«
   Yuriy Koshulap, Fellow at the IEG (2016)