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IEG Fellowships for Postdocs

Application   Reference   Value of Fellowships
The next deadline for applications is October 15, 2024
for fellowships beginning in April 2025 or later.
The next CfA will be published in August 2024.

The IEG awards postdoctoral fellowships to young academics from Germany and abroad who have completed their doctoral dissertations and are pursuing a new research project. This fellowship is intended to help you develop your own research project in close collaboration with scholars working at the IEG and to contribute to its ongoing research activities. This includes the possibility of developing a perspective for further cooperation with the IEG.

Applicants should have been awarded their doctorate no more than three years before the beginning of the proposed fellowship (non-academic activities are not relevant to the application). The final examination or defence of the dissertation must have been successfully completed by the application deadline. It is not possible to avail of funding for the final phase of doctoral research and continuing into a subsequent postdoctoral project.

In addition to the IEG postdoctoral fellowship, it is possible to receive support for the publication of research data from the completed dissertation. This support is provided by the »NFDI4Memory-FAIR-Data-Scholarship« (short: »4Memory-FDS«) which extends the duration of the postdoctoral fellowship by one month. The »4Memory-FDS« allows fellows to prepare and carry out the publication of their research data throughout the entire duration of the stay at the IEG with the support of the Digital Historical Research Unit | DH Lab. Please note that the chances of being accepted for a postdoctoral fellowship are not affected by the decision to apply for the »4Memory-FDS«.

For further information please refer to the information sheet (under »Downloads« on the right).
In case of questions please contact: Constanze Buyken, DH Lab (digital@ieg-mainz.de)



Attachments in the following order:

  1. completed application form
  2. curriculum vitae; a list of publications (if available)
  3. a brief description of the proposed project with a detailed working plan and schedule for the intended stay at the institute (5 pages/ 15,000 characters excluding spaces)
  4. a digital copy of the dissertation
  5. copies of university certificates and proof of language competence
  6. if applicable: description (max. 250 words) of the research data collected as part of your dissertation (NFDI4Memory-FAIR-Data-Scholarship)
Please use the IEG application form which can be found under Downloads on the right.

Applications should be submitted by email to: application@ieg-mainz.de

Leibniz Institute of European History
The Directors
Prof. Dr. Nicole Reinhardt | Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulmann
Re: Fellowship Application

Please combine all of your application documents into a single PDF, except for the application form, and include a word count at the end of your project description. Please send your application to application@ieg-mainz.de. Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by the referees. You may write in either English or German; we recommend that you use the language in which you are most proficient. Proficiency in English is required.

Please note that applications that arrive late or incomplete will not be considered.



The academic advisor emails an up-to-date reference directly to the IEG by the application deadline to: fellowship@ieg-mainz.de 

The reference should discuss (please avoid a general letter of recommendation):
- the applicant’s academic qualifications
- topic, goal and current state of the proposed research project
- a synopsis of work to be done in Mainz along with possible time and work schedules

Additionally you will need a potential second referee, who will be contacted directly by the IEG. We recommend that you inform the potential second referee about your application and a potential letter of reference in advance.

Letters of reference should contain information on the question, method, results, and representation of your research project. Additionally, they should also give an evaluation regarding the recent state of research on the topic.


Value of IEG Fellowships for Postdocs

1. Fellowship rates (from 01/01/2015)
The IEG Fellowships are jointly funded by the federal and state government. The fellowships are exclusively used for the purpose of pursuing the research project detailed in the application at the IEG. Fellows are therefore not permitted to pursue or avail of any other form of employment or funding for the duration of the fellowship.

IEG Fellowships for postdocs have a monthly value of € 1,800.

2. Family allowance

Fellowship holders whose partners accompany them to Mainz and do not have an income of more than 450 euros per month may receive a family allowance. Please indicate in your application whether your partner accompanies you to Mainz.  

Fellows who come to Mainz accompanied by their underage children can apply for child allowance.

Please direct your questions to the following address: fellowship@ieg-mainz.de

In case of doubt the German version is valid.