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10.10.2019 - 12.10.2019

Englischsprachiger Workshop: »Questioning the Mediterranean: (Self-)Representations from the Southern Shore in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries«
Der 4. Workshop des DFG-Forschungsnetzwerks »A Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics of a World Region 1800 | 2000«, organisiert von Jasmin Daam und Esther Möller

Orient-Institut Beirut, Rue Hussein Beyhoum 44, Zokak el-Blat

Whereas northern representations of the Mediterranean and their relevance in »Western« imperialist aspirations have been studied thoroughly, the responses of actors from the southern shores to this narrative, as well as their genuine uses of the maritime region have attracted much less attention. Hence, the fourth workshop of the research network »The Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics of a World Region 1800 | 2000« aims to consider the perspectives of these actors. In order to understand whether the Mediterranean as a concept made sense for Maghrebi and Mashriqi actors both in theory and in practice, we ask how local actors contributed to macro-processes such as colonization and decolonization, urbanization, the integration of their regions into an economic world market and the emergence of nation-states.

The transformations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries triggered debates about the spatial and temporal position of the Southern Mediterranean, and different understandings of modernity and authenticity impacted upon connections, entanglements and boundaries across the region. Therefore, the relevance of the Mediterranean framework has to be assessed in comparison with alternative networks and notions of belonging. Throughout the conference, we grasp the Mediterranean seascape as an experienced territory, and analyse connectivities and dividing lines across the Mediterranean. A special section is dedicated to contemporary Lebanese perspectives upon the Mediterranean. Three celebrated artists from contemporary Lebanon will present their works as a starting point for a discussion about currently relevant spaces of reference as well as the relevance and meaning of the Mediterranean in the 21st century.