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Reformed Confessional culture in North and Baltic Sea regions

Regarding the diversity of early modern reformation, this cooperation project centers around the question if it is possible to discern a specific profile of Reformed confessional culture in the early modern period. Therefore, we will focus on fields of interactions, where cultural imprints can be expected: culture of science and scholarship and of business and economy, as well as esthetical, political and juridical culture. With a special focus on the North and Baltic Sea regions, we will discuss these questions at international, interdisciplinary conferences. For the possible identification of a Reformed confessional culture, it is also important for us to consider the pluralistic dynamics of inner- and inter-confessional differences and conflicts.

A central goal is the development of a comprehensive international digital edition project of relevant source corpora, with which the cooperation project also has a component in the field of digital historical research/Digital Humanities. Therefore, the conferences mentioned above also serve the interdisciplinary evaluation of the sources to be digitally edited.

The project is a cooperation between the Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek (JaLB) in Emden and the Leipzig Institut of European History. Responsible for the realization are PD Dr. Kestutis Daugirdas (JaLB) and PD Dr. Christian V. Witt (IEG).