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HERMES: Humanities Education in Research, Data, and Methods

HERMES, short for Humanities Education in Research Data and Methods, is a BMBF-funded joint project focussing on establishing spaces for learning, researching, and networking in the humanities and cultural sciences. The aim of HERMES is to teach, develop and critically reflect on data literacy. In pursuit of this objective, HERMES designs and develops various innovative formats.

Contact: Dr. Judit Garzón Rodríguez

The contribution of the IEG Mainz to this project focuses on the implementation of the following formats:

1. Bring-your-own-data-Lab (In collaboration with the University of Trier):
A Bring Your Own Data Lab is designed to provide specific data skills for researchers in the humanities and cultural sciences, taking into account individual needs in order to create needs-based exchange formats. The focus here is on the in-depth examination of one's own data and research methods as well as the acquisition of specific data competencies. Participants (e.g. doctoral students, postdocs, professors and staff from GLAM institutions) not only acquire the skills to approach their own data in new ways, but collaboration and exchange between different academic disciplines is also encouraged.
The IEG Mainz operates as a location and implementation partner for the BYOD labs and provides resources, expertise and space for practice-oriented data exchange and learning activities. The IEG cooperates closely with the University of Trier in the implementation and works across institutions to ensure broader access to resources, expertise and different perspectives.
2. Fellowship and Study Program (In collaboration with the German National Library):
The HERMES study program at the IEG Mainz not only promotes individual research, but also provides collaborative learning and research spaces and enables access to the extensive collections of HERMES partners. For researchers, this means access to data repositories, data infrastructures and data science expertise, while at the same time promoting the research-related acquisition and teaching of data skills through the exploration, preparation or analysis of this data. The programme aims to develop data competencies and promote networking within the scientific community.
The existing fellowship programmes at the DNB and the IEG will also be conceptually further developed based on the initiatives of the research studies in HERMES. The collaboration enables the development of flexible and innovative fellowships as well as study formats that can also be conducted across collections and institutions.