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European peace treaties of the pre-modern era in data (FriVer+)

This project aims to transform the data, in accordance with the FAIR principles, that is made available on the website Europäische Friedensverträge der Vormoderne online. This website provides information about a total of 1800 European peace treaties that originated between 1450 and 1789. The data, comprising digital images of the peace treaties as well as metadata and, in a more limited number of cases, transcriptions and even formal editions of their text, is currently stored in a relational database. Via queries executed on the website the data can be retrieved from this database, but access to the raw data is less straightforward than it ideally should be nowadays. In order to enhance the discoverability of and access to this data, it will be exported from the database and transformed into XML in accordance with the TEI schema. Widely used by the academic community, the use of this schema as well as the inclusion of the transformed data in a public and freely available repository will ensure that the data can be easily used and re-used by scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, thereby fostering the study of (early modern) peace treaties.
The project, which is generously funded by the NFDI consortium Text +, runs in 2023.