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New publication "Pushed to the Margins – Opting for the Margins. Marginalization Strategies in the Early Modern Period" edited by Henning P. Jürgens and Christian Volkmar Witt
The volume is based on the XIV. Spring Conference on the History of the Wittenberg Reformation and includes essays by IEG director Irene Dingel und IEG members of staff Henning P. Jürgens, Jan-Martin Lies, Markus Müller, Stanislau Paulau, Christopher Voigt-Goy and Christian V. Witt, among others.

With the Reformation, Latin European Christianity experienced a religious pluralisation impulse of unknown extent. This event did not take place unreflected on the side of the protagonists, but found intellectual processing and theological deepening on the level of self-perception and the perception of others, also by those who were excluded or marginalized.

The present volume aims to capture processes of marginalization triggered by political or theological actors in the 16th and 17th centuries in an interdisciplinary approach and tries to illuminate the range of underlying patterns of perception. Motives, framework conditions and starting points of marginalization processes will be examined as well as instruments, media and strategies by means of which marginality was created and made perceptible.

Henning P. Jürgens, Christian Volkmar Witt (Hg.)
An den Rand gedrängt– den Rand gewählt
Marginalisierungsstrategien in der Frühen Neuzeit
Leucorea-Studien zur Geschichte der Reformation und der Lutherischen Orthodoxie, Band 41
2021, ca. 300 Seiten | 15,5 x 23 cm Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-374-06816-6
88,00 EUR