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Noëmie Duhaut and Alessandro Grazi speak at the Congress of the European Association of Jewish Studies, 16-20 July 2023
Our staff members Noëmie Duhaut and Alessandro Grazi will speak at the 12th Congress "Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies" of the European Association of Jewish Studies, 16-20 July 2023, in Frankfurt. On 16 July, Noëmie Duhaut will speak about "Adolphe Crémieux, a Secular Preacher for Justice", and on 20 July, Alessandro Grazi about "Dynamics of Change between Orthodoxy and Reform in Nineteenth-Century Italian Liturgies". The abstracts of their lectures are already online.

Jewish Studies scholars do not only use interdisciplinary methods, but are also involved in multi-disciplinary networks, cooperating and communicating with colleagues from a wide variety of fields and geographical centers. At the same time, research into Jewish history, culture, languages and the like is not limited to Jewish Studies departments, creating yet wider networks and greater diversity.

The twelfth EAJS congress “Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies”, taking place in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) will showcase and celebrate that diversity which is such an integral part of Jewish Studies: it is reflected in research topics ranging from the Bible and ancient history to contemporary Jewish Thought and culture, in a multitude of different sources from all over the world, in methods and approaches from Archaeology to Digital Humanities, and the vast array of interdisciplinary networks and research approaches.