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Documents on Martin Luther's early effectiveness in the UNESCO World Documents Register

In consultation with the German UNESCO Commission, the Leibniz Institute for European History (Irene Dingel, Henning P. Jürgens) prepared a dossier in which 14 documents on Martin Luther's early effectiveness were nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO "Memory of the world" register. The selection of documents was discussed at a conference of international Luther researchers from various disciplines; an accompanying volume documents the results of this conference.

The dossier was submitted to UNESCO in Paris in March 2014 and discussed and recommended for inclusion at the meeting of the "Memory of the world" Committee in Abu Dhabi in October 2015. UNESCO Secretary-General Irina Bokova followed the recommendation on 9 October 2015. The aim of the programme is to safeguard outstanding documents of human history through digitisation and make them freely accessible.

Below you will find links to the UNESCO programme, to the nomination materials and to the individual documents included in the "Memory of the world" programme:

The documents can now also be viewed in the virtual exhibition: »Google Arts & Culture«