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                    |_History of the IEG
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          |_Research Agenda from 2024
                    |_Research group "Society"
                    |_Research group "Religion"
                    |_Research group "Digitality"
                    |_Europe forum
          |_Research Programme (2018–2023)
                    |_Pluralisation and Marginality
                    |_Sacralisation and Desacralisation
                    |_Mobility and Belonging
                    |_A Europe of Differences
          |_Research Programme (2012–2017)
                    |_Research Programme
                    |_Establishing Difference
                    |_Coping with Difference
                    |_Enabling Difference
                    |_Cross-sectional projects and research infrastructures
                    |_Completed Research
          |_Research Projects
          |_Further Activities
          |_Research Consortia
          |_IEG Fellowship Programme
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