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Neuerscheinung: Jahrbuch für Europäische Geschichte / European History Yearbook 18 (2017)
Volume 18 of the European History Yearbook on »Housing Capital« (ed. by Simone Derix and Margareth Lanzinger) has been published.

Cover_Yearbook_18="margin-bottom:Throughout history, houses have been an economic resource as much as a means of social, political and cultural agency. From the early modern period to the 20th century, the multifaceted capital of houses linked individuals, families and societies in specific ways. The essays collected here probe the material texture of past societies concerning the inheritance, value, sale or maintenance of houses as well as the symbolic meanings that houses conveyed.

With an article by Manfred Sing, Researcher at the IEG, about »Against All Odds: How to Re-Inscribe Islam into European History«.

The European History Yearbook is edited at the Leibniz Institute of European History by Johannes Paulmann in cooperation with Markus Friedrich (Hamburg) and Nick Stargardt (Oxford). Since 2014 it is in Open Access and now in English.

Jahrbuch für Europäische Geschichte / European History Yearbook –
Paulmann, Johannes; Friedrich, Markus; Stargardt, Nick (Hrsg.)
Simone Derix, Margareth Lanzinger (Hrsg.)
Resource and Representation
164 Seiten, Broschur,
UVP € [D] 49.95 / US$ 57.99 / GBP 40.99
ISBN 978-3-11-052994-4
PDF ISBN 978-3-11-053224-1
EPUB ISBN 978-3-11-053002-5