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25.01.2024 - 26.01.2024

Workshop »Legacies of Conquest: Interconnections and Memories of the Ottoman and Spanish Empires«
Die Veranstaltung findet statt innerhalb des Leibniz-Forschungsverbundes »Wert der Vergangenheit«. “Legacies of Conquest” marks the final workshop in a series that brings together scholars specializing in the Ottoman Empire, colonial Latin America, and Western Europe in order to compare the Ottoman and Spanish imperial expansions during the early modern period and their lasting impact up to the present day. The first workshop focused on narratives surrounding the Fall of Constantinople (1453) and Tenochtitlán (1521), exploring themes of conquest and loss. In the second, discussions centered on how these conquests reshaped the meaning and use of objects from previous civilizations and how these, in turn, shaped post-conquest societies and cultures. This third event aims to explore two crucial aspects that have yet to be addressed: firstly, the interconnections between these two early modern imperial expansions, and secondly, their role within contemporary memory cultures and politics of heritage. Thursday, 25 January 2024 15:00 Welcome 15:30–16:00 Introduction 16:00–17:00 Eric Dursteler (Provo, UT): Mobile Foods in the Early Modern Mediterranean 17:00–18:00 Stefan Hanß (Manchester): Lepanto Reconsidered: Politics and the Precarity of Life Friday, 26 January 2024 09:00–10:00 Gönül Bozoğlu (St. Andrews): Memory Culture of the Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople 10:00–11:00 Josh L. Carney (Beirut): Palimpsestuous Affect(ation): Mediating the Conquest of Istanbul in the Post-truth Era 11:30–12:30 Manuel May Castillo (Madrid): Lost Knowledges? Revisiting Ritual Practices and Ceremonial Centers in Maya Communities 12:30–13:30 Jorge Luengo Sánchez (Barcelona): The Spanish Imperial Burden: Public Memories of a Postcolonial Nation 15:00–16:30 Round Table with Silke Hensel (Cologne) and Cyrus Schayegh (Geneva/Mainz) Contact: Denise Klein, klein@ieg-mainz.de Thomas Weller, weller@ieg-mainz.de Barbara Henning, bahennin@uni-mainz.de Richard Herzog, herzogr@staff .uni-marburg.de Veranstaltungsort: Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG) Mainz, Alte Universitätsstraße 19, Mainz Bildnachweis 1: Celebration in front of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 24 July 2020. AP Photo/Yasin Akgul Bildnachweis 2: Protest in front of Columbus Statue, La Paz, 12 October 2020. AP Photo/Juan Karita

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