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DigiKAR project granted
Together with the partner institutes IfL Leibzig, IOS Regensburg, JGU Mainz and EHESS Paris, the IEG Mainz successfully participated in this year's competitive application procedure in the Leibniz Association's funding program "Leibniz Cooperative Excellence" and obtained a three-year grant for the cooperative project "Digitale Kartenwerkstatt Altes Reich" (DigiKAR).
In this project, concepts for the collection, modeling and visualization of location-based historical information from the early modern Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation are being tested. The fragmented territory of Kurmainz, in which the mobility of individuals allows conclusions to be drawn about border concepts in the early modern period, and Kursachsen, whose supra-regional organization of legal and administrative processes is being examined, serve as example regions. DigiKAR thus contributes both to the historiographical study of the Old Empire as a space of divided and overlapping rule and to the further development of digital analysis and visualization of historical data with temporal-spatial properties.

Movements of people, things and ideas are not only investigated and visualized as physical mobility potentials in complex spaces, but also with regard to their belonging to different, partly competing, social, legal and ruling spaces of the imperial federation. In order to collect these local data, the project aims at a close cooperation with regional memory institutions and historically interested citizens (Citizen Science). All data will be cleaned and structured and returned to the donors. Fully committed to the OpenSource idea, DigiKAR will share "best practices" of data modeling and visualization in freely available tutorials, among other things. Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulmann (Director, Department of Universal History) and Dr. des. Monika Barget (Digital Historical Research | DH Lab) will be responsible for the academic management and supervision of the project, which is based at the IEG.

Credits: CC Lizenz Wikipedia, EvaK and Kronberger Haus, Frankfurt-Höchst; Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurmainz#/media/Datei:Kurmainzische_Wappentafel_1750.jpg