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Mobility and Belonging

Mobility and Belonging

Mobility makes otherness particularly visible. The movement of people and concepts calls into question existing political, social, religious, and regional differences and affiliations and transforms them. Mobile actors and the societies they encounter must continually (re)define and (re)negotiate differences and belonging. At the same time, changing affiliations and forms of belonging also affect the mobility of actors. This research area examines the interplay between mobility and belonging in modern Europe and its global relations from the 15th to the 20th centuries. How did mobility affect the political, social, cultural and religious »belonging« of actors who crossed borders in modern Europe? What effect did the construction of belonging have on mobility potential? To what degree did the interplay of mobility and belonging change perceptions and concepts of difference? The research area’s projects seek to answer these questions by studying the interplay between mobility practices and the construction of belonging from three complementary and overlapping perspectives – actors, texts and spaces.

News from the research area:  

- Workshop »Post-Conquest Materiality: Objects in the Histories of the Ottoman and Spanish Expansions«, organized by Denise Klein, Thomas Weller, Barbara Henning, and Richard Herzog, Mainz, May 12–13 2023. Programme.

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